Partial Dentures

We Provide Partial Dentures in Canberra

Everything Dentures provide a number of partial dentures treatment options to patients for replacing missing teeth . Everything Dentures provide partial dentures to enhance the appearance of your smile and we strive to create an environment to enhance your ability to eat and smile well. If the missing teeth are not addressed with dental or denture intervention there is a high likelihood of a range of dental problems resulting. These can be as follows:

  • Natural teeth often drift away into the missing gaps meaning gaps may open up in other areas of the mouth.
  • Natural teeth with nothing to bite onto may continue to grow and interfere with a patients bite. This is a condition called over eruption.
  • Load sharing. When natural teeth are lost the biting forces on remaining teeth become far greater. By having a partial lower denture or upper denture, these biting forces can be more evenly distributed meaning less stress on the remaining teeth.
  • Without partial dentures, natural teeth become more susceptible to wear
  • Their cost is relatively low given the life cycle of a well-made denture

Providing a quality partial denture treatment

Everything Dentures provides a variety of denture treatment options. Designs and materials vary greatly when discussing partial dentures and it is essential to match the right treatment option to the right patient. All of the Everything Denture partial dentures are made in our onsite dental laboratories so you can be assured that the quality is optimal.

Partial Denture Treatment options

  • Acrylic=Dentures
  • Cast = Dentures
  • Valplast or metal free Partial Dentures

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