What types of denture are there?

There are myriads of different denture materials and types. Here is a summary of some of the most popular available these days



A full denture is a prosthesis that replaces all teeth on either a top or bottom jaw. Or both. They are generally made from acrylic. There are many types of acrylics used in the industry. At The McCarthy Denture Clinic we only use the highest quality high impact acrylics for maximum strength and lightest weight. Perhaps your dentures have broken many times in the past. If this is the case we can re-inforce your dentures with either a Fibre-Force Strengthener or a chrome cobalt (metal) palate.



By definition a partial denture is a prosthesis or device that replaces one or more missing teeth. These days there are so many different types of partial dentures. The traditional acrylic dentures with wrought metal clasps are slowly phasing out with the introduction of many new denture materials. Some examples of these materials are new alloys (chrome cobalt, titanium and gold), nylons and composite materials which are gaining great momentum with clinical staff and patients alike. For patients that are missing only one or two teeth there are also products that don’t have clasps (metal clips to hold it in place).  With all the new materials these days it is still tough to beat a well-made chrome cobalt denture. The longevity, heat transfer properties and lightweight structure makes for an enduring and comfortable use. Ask one of our clinical staff for the best custom option for your needs.


Ready or not, the reality of the implant denture is here! Perhaps you have heard on the radio about all-on-4 or Fixed Teeth in a Day. Believe it or not the humble denture (many many different materials used here but it is still a prosthesis!) is the general base for all of these treatments whether it be fixed or removable. So what’s the difference between a fixed or removable implant denture?


With a removable implant denture the beauty is in its simplicity. Generally 2, 4, 6 implants are placed into the bone and then a denture is constructed over the top. Inside the denture are little clips which directly relate to the position of the implant in the gums. When the denture is inserted they click together and form in a sense a button which locks it in place. The best application for these implant dentures are for patients that have full lower dentures and no natural teeth present. Generally patients that have no lower natural teeth have the most trouble with their dentures. The beauty of this solution is that it means that the denture can be removed each night for cleaning and you will receive a very good solution to a wobbly rocking denture. Ask one of our friendly clinical staff to tell you more about removable implant dentures.


A fixed implant denture as the name would suggest, are where implants are placed into the bone and the prosthesis is then either dentally cemented or acrylic is used to fix it into the patient’s mouth. The teeth can only be removed by a dentist or dental specialist. If this is an option or you are wanting more information on this treatment please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly clinical staff.


What is a cosmetic denture? Simply put it is a denture that has no metal visible. You see with dentures you must have something to hold it in place. For the most part a clip or clasp is necessary to achieve this. With cosmetic dentures we use the curves and natural gradients of your existing natural teeth to grasp and hold the denture in place. The best cosmetic dentures we have found are small one, two or three teeth partial dentures. It is ideal if this denture sits between or in the middle of two natural teeth so we can really lock it into position for best possible support. Cosmetic dentures life cycle is much less than that of a metal denture however there are definitely some very positive aesthetic benefits.

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